What Makes Miki Agrawal Different? Inside the Life of a Disrupt-Her!

If you’ve spent more than a moment browsing the internet for toilet bidets, then the odds are good that you’ve brushed against the work of Miki Agrawal. The founder of TUSHY and one of the industry leaders in disrupting taboo industries, Miki Agrawal, has turned into a force of nature in an entrepreneurial world that was once considered stagnant.

Let’s explore the world of Miki Agrawal, the success of her various companies, and the efforts that she has undertaken to continue finding victory.

Meet Miki Agrawal

Blending a creative vision with an entrepreneurial spirit, Miki Agrawal has been a force since leaving her financial career behind. After graduating with a B.A. of Science in Business and Communication, Agrawal would enjoy a short period at Deutsche Bank in NYC, where she would be profoundly impacted by the events of 9/11.

Leaving behind her financial role for something with higher aspirations, Agrawal would become an entrepreneur with several successful outlets, including WILD, THINX, and TUSHY. Now a noted industry disrupt-her as well as a successful author, Agrawal has plenty to share to help guide others in her footsteps.

Keys to Success

If you were to start a business right at this moment, how would you set yourself apart? This is the kind of question that Agrawal asks herself and her team members before they embark upon any financial or entrepreneurial journey. With these kinds of questions, Agrawal can streamline her process by focusing on that which makes the most sense.

In addition to questioning what makes her unique, Agrawal has a set of rules that she lives by when creating or collaborating.

  1. Take RISKS – If Miki Agrawal never agreed to take a risk, then TUSHY would never have grown into the bidet juggernaut that it is today. Agrawal says, “Most companies become less and less creative as they grow because they have more to lose, so they keep things even more boring.” Agrawal aims to continue innovating with TUSHY, never allowing her business to stagnate
  2. Question EVERYTHING – You can’t succeed by accepting the same tired advice of your predecessors. Agrawal suggests that individuals make a habit of questioning everything. Agrawal says, “I knew that I could harness creativity and innovation and disrupt tired old categories that sorely needed elevating.”
  3. Build a TEAM – Finally, Miki Agrawal understands that it is of the utmost importance that you have a team of solid people around you. Agrawal says, “Each of us has our unique zone of genius. I’m lit up when I get to be creative and ideate new directions for my brands, but I’m not always the person who wants to get caught up in operations.”

With her rules in place, Miki Agrawal hopes others can heed her advice to find success in disrupting their industries.

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