Symptoms and Treatment Of The Common Ankle and Foot Injuries

Being physically fit isn’t just about nutrition, it needs quality exercise on a regular basis. With exercise comes injuries, and injuries hamper our physical and mental state. Negligence in our daily schedule also leads to consequences like injuries.

Our legs specifically the ankle and the foot act as shock absorber of our body. The foot is the most complicated part of our skeletal system. It consists of 26 bones, 33 joints, convoluted muscles, tendons and ligaments. Our foot contains almost 20% bones of our body.

An injury in the foot and ankle can occur any time. Delaying in having the treatment may worsen the injury, and might affect other body parts too. If you have faced any ankle and feet issues and thinking of how to treat it, then Dr. Sima Soltani podiatry office in Irvine is the only solution.

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Common Foot And Ankle Injuries

  1. Plantar Fasciitis – If there is an increased stretch in the area of the foot, mini tear can occur on the plantar fascia. It is a band of tissue which joints heel and toe on the hind area. It is a normal condition that many people face during some point of time. Runners are more prone to it.

Plantar fasciitis mainly causes uneasiness on the heel bone. The pain is usually more in the morning, the very next moment you get out of the bed. The preventive measure and treatment for this is, stretching your feet and calf whenever you get time throughout the day. Try to wear supportive shoes instead of walking bare foot.

  1. Bunion – A bunion occurs when the big toe moves towards the second toe. It causes a lump near the base of the big toe. Swelling occurs and a fluid filled sac forms under the skin. Bunions can be painful and intensifies by wearing tight shoes or high heels. It causes pain in the joints near the base of the toe.

With increase in severity redness and swelling follows. Mild problems can be removed by wearing loose and more comfortable shoes. Pads can also be used to give support and reduce pain. Surgery is sometimes necessary to correct the joint abnormality.

  1. Morton’s Neuroma – It occurs when the nerve at the base of the toe swells up. It occurs between third and the fourth toe, due to pressure or trauma at that area. Pain is usually felt at the ball of your foot. You may also feel pain and numbness on your toes. Try to wear comfortable and loose shoes, having low heels. Supportive insoles can relieve pain by reducing pressure on that area. If discomfort still persists, then you definitely need to contact a podiatrist.
  2. Corn And Callus – Corn and callus are hard skin that forms on the feet due to abnormal pressure. Corns develop on the toe, whereas callus develops on other feet areas. Corn looks like a yellow ring of skin around a hard center, it causes pain and irritation. Callus covers a wide area with hard skin. They are usually not painful but cause irritation during movement.

Home remedy for callus is rubbing the area with a pumice stone, to remove the dead skin. For corn, it’s better to ask your podiatrist for the best treatment. If your pain still persists after initial remedies, it’s better to visit a podiatrist for specified treatment.

  1. Toe Nail Fungus – Toe nail fungus or onchomycosis usually occurs on warm and moist areas as like toes. It affects about 15% of the population. A fungal infection in your toe nail makes the nail discolored, brittle and loose. It might also lead to separate the nail from the nail bed.

A podiatrist can treat it after specific diagnosis of the actual fungus. It is hardly totally curable, but complication rate is very low. Topical treatments are available but not much effective as the oral drugs. Oral drugs have a side effect of liver infection, so in most cases mild infection is kept untreated.

  1. Ingrown Toe Nail – Ingrown toe nail occurs when the toe nail continues to grow inside the skin. It is caused due to non-fitting shoes or wrong nail cut. Ingrown toe nail causes redness, swelling, and pain. It might also lead to pus formation in that area. A podiatrist should be contacted to treat it. Either normal nail removal will work for initial stage, or in serious cases minor surgery may also be needed to heal it.
  2. Hammer Toes – It is the deformity of the toe due to imbalance of the muscle or tendon. It is caused due to ill-fitting shoes, heredity or arthritis. Redness, swelling and pain are experienced at the top of the toe. Shoe pads and wider shoes might release the irritation, but if the problem persist then your health care provider have to suggest surgery.

Due to unhealthy nutrition and improper lifestyle foot and ankle injury is too common. If you are also facing such an issue Orange County Wound Care should be the only stop. None can heal you up in a guaranteed way other than Foot Ankle Specialist Orange County. So without hesitation go for it and get the best treatment to your injury.

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