Spreading Compost Over your Lawn: How a Compost Spreader can Help

Spreading a layer of compost over an entire lawn manually is too labour-intensive and you should be much better off with some mechanical assistance. A compost spreader or top dresser could accomplish this task more easily, efficiently, and quickly.

What is a Top Dresser?

Topdressing is a practice of spreading a thin layer of material such as compost on the grass to improve it and make it healthier. After applying the material, you can rake in or just allow it to settle naturally. These days, many people try to avoid this major yard project and use either a heavy-duty spreader for a big yard or a smaller machine for a smaller yard.

An epandeur de compost requires a lot less manual work than the shovel and rake method. No matter the size of your yard, you need a machine that doesn’t make you feel it up quite often.

Types of Compost Spreaders

Below are some kind of compost spreaders you can choose from, depending on your needs:

  • Compost wheels. These big wire cages will help you spread the compost over your lawn. You just have to put the compost in the machine and when your roll it around the lawn, the compost will fall out and onto the grass. Compost wheels are the cheapest option if you want a dedicated compost spreader. They can break up any clumps s the compost tumbles around in the cage.
  • Push compost spreaders. Push spreaders are designed to deal with more compacted materials such as compost. You can adjust the speed at which the compost is spread out, offering you good control over the thickness of the layer. You can invest in a smaller model, a tow-behind or self-propelled unit.
  • Manure spreaders. These spreaders also deal with compost. They can break up any compost balls easily and work quickly and accurately even when the compost is wet. While they are not cheap for residential use, they are made to last and can make your life a lot easier.

Tips to Spread Compost on Your Lawn

No matter the method you use for spreading topdressing on your lawn, you must follow some best practices. First, you need to mow the lawn as short as possible before you top-dress it. Also, rake up any dead grass and debris. Then, dethatch and aerate to make sure all the organic material’s nutrients can easily make their way into the soil. Avoid spreading more than a quarter of an inch of topdressing at any one time. Although compost will not burn your lawn when you apply too much, the grass must be visible through the layer of topdressing. Burying the grass will cause them to die prematurely.

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