Prepare for Class 9 Examinations with NCERT Solutions

Class 9 lays down the foundation for Class 10. The syllabus and examination structure also gives students an idea about how they should study for the board exam. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to every detail discussed in Class 9.

The most important thing students need to learn is how to understand the questions and respond according to the marks distribution system. The best way to learn how to answer questions is by going through NCERT solutions for Class 9. Sticking to the time given helps students prepare for the board examination.

How can NCERT solutions help you prepare for the examination? Here are some pointers to clear your doubt.

●      Detailed Explanation

Subject experts prepare NCERT solutions. The concept explanation is written in very easy and straightforward language. The pointers given are concise and easy to learn. Therefore, students are advised to go through the solutions given to understand how to give step-by-step explanations to the questions.

●      Important Questions

It consists of all types of questions, whether it is concept-based, chapter-based or syllabus based. The language of these questions varies; there are both simple and complex questions, so students get a list of good questions to practise.

●      Exam Preparation

NCERT solutions help students understand the types of questions that will appear in the examination. Learners get the idea of the question’s nature and the pointers which they need to state according to the marks distribution.

●      Previous Years’ Question Papers

Previous years’ question papers are also available so that students can practise and check whether they have understood the concept and are using the proper techniques to answer the questions. It also helps in the revision process.

●      Easy Language

The language of these solutions is straightforward. Therefore, it is easy for learners to understand. All the answers are given in a step-based format so that they don’t get confused.

●      Clears Concepts

Sometimes concepts are very similar, so students need help understanding which concept they must apply. This helps speed up the process of understanding the questions and deciding which concepts should be used to answer a specific type of question.

●      Strictly Follows CBSE Curriculum

The NCERT covers all the syllabi of the CBSE curriculum. Therefore, many CBSE-affiliated schools follow NCERT books. Looking at the pattern, most of the CBSE board question papers are made based on the NCERT books.

●      Short and Long Format Questions

The solutions consist of long and short format questions so that students can practise various answers. This helps them understand which pointers they need to add in long-format and short-format questions.

●      Subject-wise Answers

Both concept-wise and subject-wise questions are available in the NCERT solutions. So, they help with checking the knowledge of students at every level.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to download NCERT Solutions?

There are many websites on which NCERT solutions are available. But it’s advisable to check them on the official website of the National Council of Educational Research and Training. The steps are easy to follow. Go to the official website of NCERT solutions. Choose the subject and class, then check the solutions based on the chapter or whole syllabus. For example, if you are appearing for the Science exam, then look for NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science on the website.

Can the same NCERT questions appear in the examination?

Yes, there is a high probability that questions in NCERT solutions can appear in the examination.

Do all CBSE schools follow the NCERT syllabus?

As per the data available, 90% of CBSE-affiliated schools follow the NCERT syllabus because it covers all topics mentioned in the CBSE curriculum.

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