Niches in photography everyone should know

Introduction to photography

You would be familiar with photography. As technology has developed a lot, you can take a snap of your life events with a mobile phone. Good photography cameras also cost very low in the current market and you can easily buy them along with camera accessories tripod. If you know the basics of photography and the operation of camera equipment, you can make a living out of the art. However, it is necessary to know additional factors like lighting requirements for better quality output. You can go for a professional course to learn photography if you have a passion for it. Before entering the field of photography, it is advisable to know the different niches involved in it. In this article, let us discuss some of these niches of photography in brief.

Niches in photography


Journalism is the process of telling a story about a truthful event with paper and pen. If you do so with the help of photography, you are a photojournalist. Photojournalists will use a camera and other photographic tools to capture real-life moments that will create a newsworthy output. You cannot consider some planned poses or events as photojournalism. Most of these pictures will be true events and provide a meaningful story in visual form. You can comprise a little bit on the quality and composition of the shots. But there should not be any compromise with the truth of the event. You can submit your photojournalistic works to different magazines, newspapers, and even television broadcaster. The digital era is helping these photojournalists in a great way.

Wildlife photography

As the name suggests, it is the process of capturing the wildlife as it is. You would have to tour all the dense forests in your region to snap the nature’s beauty and the unknown lives of various animals. Cameras and accessories needed for wildlife photography may differ from what you use for hobbies or candid capturing. You should have quality lenses to capture the scenes from long distances as it will be dangerous to go near wild animals. However, wildlife photography requires extraordinary patience and talent. You may have to wait for hours to make a perfect shot as you cannot make animals pose for your camera. Beautiful moments will happen occasionally inside the jungle, and you should be noticing with sharp senses to freeze a perfect scene. If your work is of high quality, you may get top magazines and wildlife broadcasters to buy it with huge packages.

Still life photography

Still, life photography is similar to wildlife photography, but there will not be any living organisms. You would be capturing inanimate objects organized in the best possible way so that it looks great on screen. Advertising agencies will exhibit still life images, and many magazines also feature them. The requirements for still life photography are the object selection, lighting, and arrangement of these objects. It is better to learn about the techniques of object placement and lighting before doing still life photography.

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