Live Streaming: what it is all about?

Live streaming media is any media that is always presented to and received by an audience while being transmitted by a sender. The term to stream means to receive or deliver media in this way.

 Live streaming refers to this delivery method of the media, and not the media itself. Media that is life can be audio or video, as well as text. These types of media are called real-time media.

As mentioned above, this type of technology is used to provide users with a media stream that is continually delivered through various platforms. It can be viewed on any platform of choice at any time, as long as there is an internet connection available for transmission.

live streaming Singapore is also referred to as social media live streaming. In the past, Live streaming was limited to certain devices such as mobile phones, netbooks, gaming consoles, as well as certain browsers, such as Internet Explorer and Firefox.

 With the introduction of new platforms such as Facebook’s browser and Google Chrome, as well as the open-source Mirasvit, more open environments were created allowing for the usage of live streaming media.

Also, in the past, these media streams could only be accessed via certain platforms. Although it has changed, some of the most popular websites that offer these services still restrict their audiences to a certain number of computers.

 As a result, the Live streams can be viewed on devices that do not have access to these platforms. In recent times, as Live streaming has become increasingly popular, many individuals can view media from anywhere around the globe.

Therefore, not only can individuals obtain Live streaming music and videos, but also videos from their laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other portable devices.

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