Law of Expected outcomes

Man-made laws and regulations comprise by individuals to elicit preferred behaviors from others. Since they’re capricious anyway, they might or might not be enforceable or enforced. When man-made laws and regulations conflict using the Laws and regulations of Nature and Nature’s God, then you will see observed the so-known as “unintended effects” that man uses to explain natural results that outgrow the conflict between your man-made law and God’s Law.

However Universal Laws and regulations, or God’s Laws and regulations, when i choose to consult them, are unbreakable. We are able to only break ourselves upon them. Certainly one of God’s Laws and regulations won’t ever conflict with another of God’s Laws and regulations. Actually, they operate in concert or perfect harmony with one another. We can’t locate an example where these laws and regulations of God conflicted with one another and thus-known as “unintended effects” are produced. I like the idea that whenever we arrive at the other part, we’ll discover existence actually was “fair” in the end, as it requires God’s or Nature’s Laws and regulations.

God doesn’t have to personally enforce the breaking of His Laws and regulations or even the Laws and regulations of Nature. When an apple breaks in the tree because the lesson outlined, God doesn’t have to swoop in and push the apple down. Gravitational forces carries its very own natural enforcement provision the apple just falls. This is correct using the other Laws and regulations of Nature and Nature’s God. In church, we very often read or learn about the wrath of God. I’m beginning to question if that’s an effective portrayal of Him. For instance, whenever a people decide on evil (bad things), or violate God’s Laws and regulations to the stage they’re destroyed. Could it have been God who zoomed in and destroyed them personally? Or could it have been destruction because of the natural results (expected outcomes) of the bad choices and violations of God’s Laws and regulations?

For me personally, the actual prize of dream-chasing may be the discovery from the Laws and regulations of Nature and Nature’s God which govern the effective purchase of the dream so went after. Then using the discovery these laws and regulations exist, that they’re immutable, what they’re and just how they work, combined with the proper use of these laws and regulations to my dream, I learn to use the laws and regulations from the world to manage my natural surroundings, condition and my very atmosphere.

The result this “elevated awareness” might have on my small daily tasks is the fact that

1) I’ll discover the expected outcomes of my actions and for that reason works with increased deliberate actions.

2) My choices is going to be less random.

3) I’ll aim to know which from the laws and regulations I have to be concentrating on to many efficiently and effectively achieve my goals and dreams.

4) This can go ahead and take uncertainty from how you can prioritize my day to day activities, among a number of other effects.

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