Etched into Memory: How to Maintain Headstones

Death is an inevitable part of our lives. No matter how many health supplements you take, how often you exercise, and how meticulous you are in your food intake, you will reach old age and die. Morbid as it seems, but this is one harsh reality that we have to accept. However, it is up to you how you are going to live your life and leave a mark in this world.

Our bodies will wither and fade, but we will remain in the memories of our loved ones. Headstones in Bountiful and other nearby locations can also preserve the memory of veterans and other deceased loved ones. Headstones are also important markers for visitors who want to pay their final respects to their departed loved ones.

Keeping their memories alive

Most cemeteries have headstones that state details about the deceased person. It also serves as a marker so that the visitors won’t get lost finding their deceased loved ones. However, these headstones are regularly exposed to the elements and become dirty and grimy over time.

This will result in unsightly fungus and mildew growth to the point that the inscription on the headstone is already unrecognizable. When you see on while in a cemetery, you might think that a loved one has not visited the grave for so many years. But what if that grimy headstone belongs to a buried loved one?

Of course, you want to pay respect to a deceased loved one by keeping the headstone clean and well-maintained. There are even some good Samaritans out there who clean headstones without asking for anything in return. Nonetheless, it is possible to restore a grimy headstone into its full glory. You will need a few items to clean and restore the headstone and make it look new again:

What you will need

First of all, you need to schedule your headstone-cleaning activity. Make sure to have the following items to start your cleaning project:

  • Lots of distilled water. If there is access to water nearby, you can bring a garden hose instead)
  • New spray bottle (did not contain any chemical)
  • Nylon or bristle brush of different sizes
  • Toothbrush and sponges (bring extra ones just in case)
  • Craft sticks
  • Hand gloves

Before cleaning, make sure to check with your state or local laws first. This is important, especially if you are cleaning a headstone that does not belong to a relative or family member. Otherwise, you might be fined for handling a gravestone that does not belong to a relative.

Check the overall condition of the headstone. Look for cracks and other signs of damage. Determine if the headstone is also made from wood and other fragile materials. If it seems to crumble, it might be better not to proceed with the cleaning.

If it seems safe to clean, you can use the brushes to scrub the headstone. To remove the moss or lichens, use a plastic scraper to scrape them. Repeat when necessary. Never use an abrasive pad and any acidic cleaners as it can damage the stone material.

The given pointers can help a lot in preserving headstones. You can respect the dead by taking care of their graves and preserving their memories for eternity.

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