5 Ways Decluttering Will Improve Your Life

Our days are full to the brim. So many of us are stressed out running around trying to get everything done and be there for others, that we don’t know how to slow down and rest. I spoke to a woman the other day who said she doesn’t know how to relax. She feels guilty when she slows down because she knows there is always something more to do.

Can you relate? Are you frantically trying to check all the to do’s off your list, only to find there is always more to add? The answer to our overworked, anxious life could be as simple as decluttering. Yes, you read that right, studies show that getting organized can not only be therapeutic because it helps clear the mind, but it can help you feel more balanced and in control of your life.

Getting organized at home is one of the most powerful ways to upgrade your life. We’ve gathered 5 benefits of decluttering and how it can improve all aspects of your life.

  1. It helps you see results.

People often use disorganization and chaos as an excuse for not getting stuff done. (I’m guilty of this) With all the stuff piled up around you, it becomes a barrier between you and productivity. When you get organized, you are able to see everything in your life more clearly. It’s like putting on a new pair of shoes or a pair of glasses, things suddenly become more in focus and you can go places easier. Opportunities often fly at you. The contracts get signed, unresolved issues get closure, things start to flow again. Can you say exhale and take that sigh of relief!

  1. It boosts productivity.

When was the last time you spent precious time searching for your keys? When things are all over the place, they take much longer to find. Clutter makes it difficult to assess and prioritize what needs to get done at work or at home. But investing in a new messenger bag can help you focus on what is most important. Getting organized means identifying what you truly need to be productive. Modern messenger bags are a great way to take your important items with you on the go. And using a bag to keep key things like your laptop and keys will ensure you never waste precious time searching again.

  1. You inspire others (especially your kids).

Don’t be fooled, your kids are always watching you. Kids tend to absorb not only what we say but also what we do. If they see clutter everywhere then they will learn this behavior and habit. But if they see you taking time to clean, organize and prioritize your emotional, and physical wellbeing, they will follow form. You could even get them a mini tote bag to stay organized themselves. You have an opportunity to teach, inspire and involve your family in the process. Together you can all feel more calm and centered. You have a chance to inspire your children early on, which will help when life gets more complicated. They will have skills that will serve and support them long into their future.

  1. Helps balance emotions

We don’t think about it often but our physical space is a representation of how we feel on the inside. Your inside world may be chaotically stressed and trapped in fear, and you look at your environment and sea clutter. Start by quickly locating 3 items to throw away, 3 items to donate, and 2 items to be returned to their proper home. This can help you feel more in control of your life and you will feel better because you are doing something to help calm the chaos.

  1. It helps you focus on your true needs.

When decluttering a room, always start with the question, “Do I need this?” Not do I want this, but do I need it? You can also ask “Why do I own this?” Does it make me feel good, does it bring me happiness and joy? The answers that come up might surprise you, and they’ll provide valuable insight into what to keep and what to remove. Your why is important for your well being. Everything in your home and office should have a reason and a special place. Joshua Becker the author of The More of Less, says ask yourself questions like, “If I was buying this now, how much would I pay?” or, “If I was moving into a smaller home tomorrow, would I take this object?” These creative techniques can be helpful for someone having a difficult time removing clutter.

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